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Our Mission


Who We Are

nex-us     \ nexus, pp. of nectere, to bind\ 1: connection, link | 2: a connected group | 3: center or focus nex-t        1: closest to in space | 2: closest to in time swissnex is the Swiss global network connecting the dots in education, research, and innovation. Our mission is to support the outreach and active engagement of our partners in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent. The five swissnex locations and their outposts are established in the world’s most innovative hubs. Together with around twenty Science and Technology Offices (STO) and Counselors (STC) based in Swiss Embassies, they contribute to strengthen Switzerland’s profile as a world-leading innovation hotspot. The core value of the swissnex network consists of
  • connecting its partners to thriving innovation ecosystems worldwide,
  • advising on trends and opportunities in science, education and technology,
  • promoting the visibility of Swiss higher education and research institutions, start-ups and other innovation-driven partner organizations.
  • inspiring new ideas by promoting knowledge exchange.
The swissnex Network is an initiative of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and is part of the Confederation’s network abroad managed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. The activities of the swissnex Network are based on a collaborative approach, relying on public and private partnerships and funding.