Upcoming Events


  • June 17, 2.30 PM Swiss Time: Handshake: Robotics and Intuitive Interaction with swissnex Boston. Sign up here.
  • June 17, 6.30 PM Swiss Time: CrossLinks with swissnex Boston. Sign up here.
  • June 18, 1 PM Swiss Time: Café des Sciences: MaskTech – Science Revolution for Global Health with swissnex China. Sign up here.
  • June 18, 7 PM Swiss Time: Urban Living and Covid-19: Impacts on Architecture and the Future of Cities with swissnex Brazil. Sign up here.
  • June 23, 10 AM Swiss Time: Coding Together: Hackathons for a Sustainable Future with swissnex China. Sign up here.
  • July 1, 5.30 PM Swiss Time: swissnex Fireside Chat: Imagining New Realities 002 with swissnex San Francisco. Sign up here.